Blood Orange private eye fiction by author Karen Keskinen book cover

Blood Orange

Lili Molina, a local teenager chosen for the most coveted role in the annual Santa Barbara Solstice celebration, is found brutally murdered in the parade workshop. In spite of well-founded misgivings, P.I. Jaymie Zarlin agrees to take on the case.

Black Current private eye fiction by author Karen Keskinen book cover

Black Current

It’s August, and the waves are pumping one afternoon when a popular high school surfer drowns—not in the ocean, but in a tank at the city aquarium. The police are calling Skye Rasmussen’s death an accident, but his distraught parents are unconvinced. So is Jaymie Zarlin.

Dragon Fruit private eye fiction by author Karen Keskinen book cover

Dragon Fruit

A panga boat lands on a Santa Barbara beach in the night. Drugs are swiftly offloaded—but drugs are not all this boat carries. When Chucha Robledo arrives to collect her daughter, she finds the boat empty. Desperate, she goes to the one person in town she can trust to find her baby girl.

“In the overcrowded world of private eye fiction, Blood Orange hits the reader like a fresh breeze off the Pacific Ocean—make way for Jaymie Zarlin, patron saint of lost children, lost dogs and lost causes!”

—Craig Johnson, author of the Walt Longmire Mysteries, the basis for A&E’s hit series, Longmire

About Jaymie Zarlin

Private Investigator Jaymie Zarlin and her assistant Gabi Gutierrez peel back the luscious skin of a coastal California town to expose corruption and murder. Zarlin, who prefers to work missing-person cases, finds herself pulled in to investigate a series of brutal homicides. As she struggles to help the most vulnerable, each case brings her a step closer to uncovering the truth about her own brother, who died years earlier in police custody. Through it all, Zarlin navigates sharp divides marked by race, money, gender and privilege in her seaside town.